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Re: Need your Help - AGAIN
Newsgroup: rec.crafts.scrapbooks
Posted by: M-C
2008-04-18 13:45:50

I'm afraid not. I had to re-upload the pictures to enter them in the
contest, I could not find a way to just link my previous entry to the
contest area. So I guess I'll just have to hope that enough people go back
and vote on the entry that is in the contest area, that's the one that says
in the description that I had actually completed the project before the
contest was announced.

Thank you so much for putting in the effort you have into voting for me!


"Marilyn" wrote in message
> M-C...now it is showing up twice :) I voted 5 stars for your second entry
> too but the original is currently rated 4.9 by 21 people. Can they
> combine?
> http://scrapbookideas.topline-creations.com/post/2008/02/Kleer-Keeperz-Wedding-Memories.aspx
> This is the direct link to the new uploaded entry rated 4.3 by 3 people.
> http://scrapbookideas.topline-creations.com/author/Marie-Claire.aspx
> Marilyn
> "M-C" wrote in message
> news:66qfenF2j7m0cU1@mid.individual.net...
>>I am so sorry, we had problems for two days with our Verizon router and
>>they finally came and changed it this afternoon. I had to resubmit the
>>album so that it would show in the contest area and I hope that you will
>>go back in to the link that Sandy found and vote again! Thanks to everyone
>>for trying to make it work!
>> http://scrapbookideas.topline-creations.com/category/!-Kleer-Keeperz-Contest-!.aspx
>> Right this minute my album is the first one you see but by tomorrow it
>> might move down a little as others add their albums. I am going to make
>> another one using one of the newer lines and see how that comes out and
>> I'll let you know if and when I put it up!
>> Thank you so much for always being there for me, I hope you know by now
>> how much I appreciate each and every one of my RCS friends!
>> M-C
>> "Sandy" wrote in message
>> news:pzJNj.7359$HJ1.6129@trndny01...
>>> M-C,
>>> I couldn't get it to work either, so I went to TLC's website and checked
>>> on the contest.
>>> http://scrapbookideas.topline-creations.com/category/!-Kleer-Keeperz-Contest-!.aspx
>>> It says there are 6 entries so far, but only 5 show up and yours is not
>>> one of them.
>>> Sandy
>>> "M-C" wrote in message
>>> news:66p28uF2k8j9uU1@mid.individual.net...
>>>> There is a contest at TLC in the idea gallery and I'd sure appreciate
>>>> your going over there and voting for me. It is a clear album that I did
>>>> of my SIL's Wedding. For those of you who haven't seen a clear album,
>>>> this might do the trick to getting you to try one. It takes a little
>>>> thought so that everything works out in the front, but I had a great
>>>> time working on it. I used scrappy glue which worked really well
>>>> because it dries so fast and clear, though of course, I always make
>>>> sure that the back is also covered.
>>>> Please take a look and if you like it, leave me a comment and a top
>>>> score!
>>>> Thanks a bunch!
>>>> www.scrapbookideas.topline-creations.com/author/Marie-Claire.aspx
>>>> --
>>>> M-C
>>>> Visit the rec.crafts.scrapbooks website at:
>>>> www.r-c-s.info
>>>> Vivit my gallery at:
>>>> http://community.webshots.com/user/mccplg
>>>> Read my blog at:
>>>> http://mccplg.blogspot.com/
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