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Re: A bad day turned out to be a good day!
Newsgroup: rec.crafts.scrapbooks
Posted by: King's Crown
2008-04-18 16:25:51

So, glad you got some pick me ups in the mail. Real bummer to be sick this
time of year. Hope you feel better really soon.


"Linda C" wrote in message
>I went to work this morning, sick with a bad sinus infection or the
> flu..not sure which! I wanted to call in sick so bad and stay home in
> bed, but there was no one to do my job as a back up, so I went in with
> the intention of getting my orders done, and going home and back to
> bed. So,I worked as fast as i could, and I got home, and to my
> surprise, the mail lady had delivered two packages!
> One was from M-C, my gift for winning her blog posting contest last
> month. Thank you so much M-C!!! You are so thoughtful! I am looking
> forward to using the Runway Circles kit, and the miscellaneous
> papers,and I will have to challenge myself and think of how I can use
> the small white book and chipboard number book. They look like fun! I
> will get my creative wheels spinning when I come out of this sinus
> infection FOG I am in. UGH!
> The other box was from my sister in South Carolina. She sent me the
> remaining pictures and items for me to use to put together a
> graduation scrapbook for Craig, my nephew. She also sent me a pair of
> jeans, and FIVE white shirts I can wear for work, some towels, pads of
> paper, and a pretty glass picture frame. It was like it was my
> birthday!!
> Well, I am still feeling sick, so I think I will get off here and
> get some rest. I sure hope I feel better tomorrow. My house work is
> going to get behind, and everyone knows that Mom's dont get sick days
> when it comes to housework and laundry at home! :-(
> Linda




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