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Re: OT:Earthquake in Illinois!
Newsgroup: rec.crafts.scrapbooks
Posted by: cowchipper
2008-04-18 17:40:13

i was supposedly in one while in Japan in 1966-1967 and then in CAlifornia a
bit after that. I was too young to remember. My mother said a few hit
Amarillo Texas but were light but she knew they were earthquakes. I guess
all I have for my personal experience is seeing a tornado a few yrs ago that
was less then 2 miles east of me. First and hopefully last time for me I

I was watching a few newsreports on te internet then i got engrossed in the
stupidity of the people at El Dorado texas thing that is going on... another
Waco thing with David Keresh if you ask me!


"Linda C" wrote in message
> Did anybody feel any shaking going on about 4:30 this morning? I had
> just gotten up to use the bathroom, went back to bed, (I am still
> sick..called in to work today) and my bedroom window started rattling
> like crazy. I thought it was just the wind again, as we have had some
> high winds lately, and thunderstorms were on the way. I thought I even
> heard thunder! Well, when we all got up this morning it was on the
> news that it was an earthquake! The rumbling I heard wasnt thunder.
> No damage reports, just rumbling and shaking, thank goodness!!
> Sandy, everybody ok down there in Evansville?
> Story on Yahoo this morning:
> http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080418/ap_on_re_us/midwest_earthquake_16
> Linda




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