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Re: Game cameras
Newsgroup: rec.hunting
Posted by: Eric Maiwald
2009-02-12 13:44:08

On Wed, 11 Feb 2009, buck.12@HOTMAIL.COM wrote:
> My question is what do you recommend?

I have had a Cuddyback since 2005 and it has been outside in the woods
for most of that time (both winter and summer). Outside of some strange
behavior when the batteries are low (it can get into a state where
it takes a picture every minute when it is time to change the batteries)
I have had no problems with it. It uses 4 D cell batteries and I get
several months out of each set of batteries (depends on the number of
flash pictures it takes but I can usually get 3 months from a set).

I would recommend the Cuddyback and I have considered getting another
one with the infrared capability but I have not had the disposable
$$ to do it.

I usually have the camera set up to take pictures and 30 seconds of video
when it triggers during the day and only pictures at night.

Let me know if I can tell you anything else about the camera.

Eric Maiwald So Many Hobbies,
emaiwald@fred.net So little time

"A compromise which results in a half-step toward evil is all wrong."
--Theodore Roosevelt




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