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Re: Game cameras
Newsgroup: rec.hunting
Posted by: Steve
2009-02-13 16:20:35

On Feb 12, 2:27=A0pm, buck...@HOTMAIL.COM wrote:
> On Feb 12, 2:10=A0pm, Steve wrote:
> > On Feb 11, 3:53=A0pm, buck...@HOTMAIL.COM wrote:
> > > My question is what do you recommend?
> > > I had a Moultrie I40 which crapped out after 16 months of intermitten=
> > > use. Actual service about 5 months. It wasn't abused and when shipped
> > > to the factory, Moultrie returned it as "unrepairable". When pressed
> > > on the issue they indicated that any camera returned to them under
> > > warranty was simply relaced, out of warranty was "unrepairable". For
> > > what it's worth the camera would turn on but would no longer switch
> > > into photo mode.This occurred after switching SD cards.
> > > Not being anxious to throw away more money on Moultrie I'm open to
> > > suggestions for quality and reliability.
> > I had the very same camera and it crapped out after only about 8
> > months of very intermittant use. =A0The IR flash quit working. =A0When =
> > called to get it serviced, the technician said that was the first time
> > he'd heard of that problem... =A0Ya right... =A0Anyway I got a new came=
> > out of it as the one I sent in was "unrepairable." =A0The main thing I
> > don't like about this camera is it is very hard to get your fingers
> > into the SD slot area to get the SD card OUT. =A0So I have to use a set
> > of tweezers to get the SD card out. =A0I don't think I would get anothe=
> > Moultrie.....
> > Steve
> Yeah that was one of the things I didn't like as well. A very tricky
> job in cold weather, hoping you don't drop the SD card in the snow.
> I have the Moultrie viewer (prior to SD card) and a a 12v power panel
> as well. Anyone know if the power panel will work with other cameras?- Hi=
de quoted text -
> - Show quoted text -

I bought the 12V "power panel" as well (about $60) and found it didn't
hold a charge for very long if I had the camera set to take ALOT of
pictures. Sometimes it would take well over 100 pics in a night. So
I wound up taking it back to the store and I bought a 12v dry cell
battery for about $12 (the kind that the portable fish flashers take),
and it works excellent! Just aligator clip it onto the terminals and
get a suitable plug in end for the end that goes into the camera and
your done. I put the battery into a plastic battery box to keep it
out of the elements. It uses a milliamp battery charger when the
battery goes low.
Just my 2 cents worth....




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