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Re: Are IS lenses doomed ?
Newsgroup: rec.photo.digital.slr-systems
Posted by: MarkČ
2007-01-31 01:17:42

Rebecca Ore wrote:
> In article ,
> "MarkČ" wrote:
>> Focal length doesn't change at all. It remains entirely identical.
> Yes, and since it doesn't change, why does anyone need to convert it
> to something else except to see what focal length on another format
> would be equivalent, not identical, to it.

Focal length doesn't change, but our perception of it in terms of what is
included from a given scene does.

It's OK. What's happening now is you're catching up to posts I wrote while
you were silent/away/whatever. You've responded since then, but are only
seeing these posts now (I think). You've answered enough to let me know you
do understand what I've been saying...so we needn't continue in that realm
(unless you feel the need).

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