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Re: Shots with a 31mm Limited Pentax lens
Newsgroup: rec.photo.digital.slr-systems
Posted by: Bandicoot
2007-01-31 00:27:12

"David Kilpatrick" wrote in message
> Doug MacDonald wrote:
> > "Paul Mitchum" wrote in message
> > news:1hsq6wd.pnn59rin1s9pN%usenet@mile23.c0m...
> > : Doug MacDonald wrote:
> > :
> > : > The [Pentax Limited] 31mm lens incidentally is a mystery to
> > : > me. Nothing spectacular in it's ability when compared to
> > : > other camera makers similar lenses but if it works for the
> > : > owner, more power to him, I say.
> > :
> > : Which similar lenses from other makers are you talking about?
> >
> > Welllll... just about every camera maker has a 30mm lens in
> > their stable. I can't quite grasp the significance of a Limited
> > edition lens of this focal length. Maybe you can?

It isn't the choice of FL that makes the lens 'Limited'. It's the build
quality - which is excellent - and the optical design (and, I suppose, the
moderately high speed). The design is a more or less no holds barred quest
for sharpness and overall contrast, with also very good coma control - this
is a slightly different selection form the pick 'n' mix of which
characteristics to optimise and at the expense of which others, making the
Limited lenses distinctive from the rest of the Pentax lineup.

To generalise grossly, the Limited are sharper and seem to me to have higher
micro-contrast than other Pentax lenses, while other Pentax glass is
optimised more for overall contrast and bokeh. (The Ghostless version of
the SMC coating on the Limited lenses means that their overall contrast is
close to that of other Pentax lenses anyway, despite being more optimised
for micro-contrast.)

> Yes, that's dead right. It's called Sigma, and if you go back far
> enough, there was another 30mm made in the late 1960s and early
> 1970s - the Meyer Lydith wide-angle.
> A comprehensive list of all the others would be welcome, and the
> 30mm f2.8 CA Rokkor enlarging lens does not count.

Well, there's Pentax's own 30mm f2.8 K... This is a very fine lens, not as
bitingly sharp as the 31mm or with such good closeup performance and coma,
but with better bokeh and lovely colour.





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