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Re: The mysterious origins of the Polynesians
Newsgroup: sci.archaeology
Posted by: David
2007-10-17 17:49:37

On Oct 17, 9:32 am, Jack Linthicum
> On Oct 17, 9:16 am, David wrote:
> > My current understanding is that the Maori came from India.
> > Does this correspond with your intuition or grounded knowledge?
> Same place as all the other Polynesians
> http://hpgl.stanford.edu/publications/HM_2001_v17_p271.pdf
> There is one study that says the women are from Taiwan and the men
> from New Guinea.
> http://www.abc.net.au/catalyst/stories/s823810.htm
> I usually like to see some better evidence than this last, but it
> illustrates the dual origin theory carried to its extreme.
> The India origin thesis has enough holes to screen a window. Wishing
> won't make it so.http://www.salagram.net/MaoriOrigins-page.htm

Thanks for the interesting links.

I add -

Journal of Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland,
Volume 15, 1886, page 192

"The Origin, Physical Characteristics, and Manners and Customs
of the Maori Race"


"Whatever may have been the original course of their migration there
can be no doubt that the Maoris owe their origin to the Malay stock."




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