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Re: More PirÔ Reis maps
Newsgroup: sci.archaeology
Posted by: David Johnson
2007-10-17 18:44:57

Why do you people even _talk_ to this woman? She is an idiot.

She's always wrong - then lies to cover up that fact. Lies that are pretty
transparent...but good enough to convince _her_.

Honestly, there is no point in arguing with her. You'll never convince her
she's wrong, because that part of her brain simply doesn't work. And it
isn't "to protect newbies from her mistakes" either, as it takes even the
most clueless newbie about three posts (tops) to see she's a total crank
(unless they themselves are cranks - at which point, we don't care).

If you really want to protect newbies, just put a line in the faq that says
"If Inger says it, it is wrong" and move on.

Heck, her posts aren't even _entertaining_ anymore because, frankly, she's
been in "reruns" for the last five years.

Everyone just killfile her and be done with it. Please.


David Johnson home.earthlink.net/~trolleyfan

"So many of you come time and time again to watch this final end of
everything which I think is really wonderful and then to return home to
your own eras and raise families and strive for new and better societies
and fight terrible wars for what you know is right, it gives one real
hope for the whole future of lifekind...

...Except of course we know it hasn't got one."




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