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Re: More PirÔ Reis maps
Newsgroup: sci.archaeology
Posted by: Doug Weller
2007-10-17 19:09:05

On Wed, 17 Oct 2007 18:44:57 GMT, in sci.archaeology, David Johnson wrote:

>Why do you people even _talk_ to this woman? She is an idiot.
>She's always wrong - then lies to cover up that fact. Lies that are pretty
>transparent...but good enough to convince _her_.
>Honestly, there is no point in arguing with her. You'll never convince her
>she's wrong, because that part of her brain simply doesn't work. And it
>isn't "to protect newbies from her mistakes" either, as it takes even the
>most clueless newbie about three posts (tops) to see she's a total crank
>(unless they themselves are cranks - at which point, we don't care).
>If you really want to protect newbies, just put a line in the faq that says
>"If Inger says it, it is wrong" and move on.
>Heck, her posts aren't even _entertaining_ anymore because, frankly, she's
>been in "reruns" for the last five years.
>Everyone just killfile her and be done with it. Please.

I think it is indeed time to do that (in my case again).

But if we hadn't replied, we wouldn't have found out that she thought the
turkishnavy.com site was official -- that was a real hoot, anyone who
knows about the web knows the Turkish government wouldn't use a .com

Or that she is still citing stuff that disagrees with her and she hasn't

Or that when caught out, for instance with her claim for a non-existent
letter from NASA supporting her, she won't admit she's wrong.

Doug Weller --
A Director and Moderator of The Hall of Ma'at http://www.hallofmaat.com
Doug's Archaeology Site: http://www.ramtops.co.uk
Amun - co-owner/co-moderator http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Amun/




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