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Re: Earl Syversen's "Norse Runic Inscriptions" and Newport Tower
Newsgroup: sci.archaeology
Posted by: Doug Weller
2007-12-11 08:21:05

On Mon, 10 Dec 2007 19:13:47 -0500, in sci.archaeology, Steve Marcus

>"Tom McDonald" wrote in message
>> On Dec 10, 3:26 pm, Eric Stevens wrote:
>>> Recent discussions have led to be being sent copies of pages from Earl
>>> Syversen's "Norse Runic Inscriptions" which has a section on the
>>> Newport Tower.
>>> On page 100 Syversen wrote:
>>> "John Clark and William Coddington, presumably members of the
>>> party of Sir Edwin Plowden, who founded Newport in 1639, inquired
>>> of the Narragansets about the origin of the tower, but were unable
>>> to gain any information. The indians had no knowledge of its
>>> origin."
>>> Apart from the fact that it was Sir _Edmund_ Plowden, not Sir Edwin,
>>> and apart from the fact that Plowden doesn't seem to have had anything
>>> much to do with Newport, my curiousity was raised by the story of the
>>> indians being asked about the origins of the Newport Tower. I have
>>> read this several times before but it is always told in an unsourced
>>> manner as on this occasion. This version is unusual in that it at
>>> least cites John Clark and William Coddington as having asked the
>>> question. Does anyone know the source of this story or where it came
>>> from?
>>> Eric Stevens
>> Someone looked into this a bit ago. IIRC, the story cannot be dated
>> any earlier than the 19th century. In any case, it was long after any
>> of the principals were dead, and I think it may have been someone's
>> memory of what someone said sometime. IOW, crap.
>> But I will bow to anyone who has the right of the story. I do remember
>> at the time that it was a story that filled me with confidence--that
>> the story was bunk.
>See: http://www.neara.org/plowden.html
For my article published in the Skeptical Intelligencer, see

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