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Re: JTEM and sock puppets
Newsgroup: sci.archaeology
Posted by: Doug Weller
2007-12-11 08:25:25

On Mon, 10 Dec 2007 12:23:39 -0800 (PST), in sci.archaeology, JTEM wrote:

> Doug Weller wrote:
>> As I expected,
>As someone else pointed out in another thread, "believing
>is seeing."
>Which explains your crotch rubbing with a bible-thumping
>personality disorder, not to mention all the imaginary issues
>you keep flailing away at.
>Why don't you put away all that emotional baggage you've
>been swinging around, and start concentrating on the issues
>you once pretended to want to discuss?

You must be thinking of someone else. I'm hardly a bible-thumper, most
people who know me here know I'm an atheist.

I've never pretended to want to discuss any issues on this thread. What
issues are you talking about? I wouldn't dare to guess what you think you

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