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Re: Is the Dura-Europa wall art "really christian"? (Was !)
Newsgroup: sci.archaeology
Posted by: David B.
2007-12-11 08:59:18

David B. wrote:
> JTEM wrote:
>> "David B." wrote:
>>> Three of them are parts of the same wall painting,
>> Absolutely not true.
> Bwahahahahahaha!

OK, I've just about stopped laughing now. Physically, like it or not,
three of the Dura Europos images I mentioned in the question JTEM can't
quite understand, are part of the same wall painting- that is, they are
on the same wall, and in a formal relationship to each other (unlike

David B.

PS- Don't forget, JTEM, when you've got your act together, the question
you need to answer is:

What cultural contexts for art in the Roman Empire include ALL the
following subjects, found in one room at Dura Europos?
-a shepherd carrying a sheep, in conjunction with a naked couple (drawn
much smaller) covering their genitals
-a man in a robe looking at a man lying on a bed and a walking man
carrying a bed [adjacent to:
-a boat with people in it and in front, apparently standing on the
waves, a man in a robe and another man [above:
-a group of three women carrying carrying what appear to be candles/rush
lghts in one hand and cradling other things in their other arms, in a
place with a dark background (red, so maybe sandstone) containing a
lidded box big enough to hold a person




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