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Re: So true, so true
Newsgroup: sci.environment
Posted by: Fran
2007-04-18 04:31:05

On Apr 18, 1:51 pm, john fernbach wrote:
> On Apr 17, 10:32 pm, "James" wrote:
> > Seeing that we are all made of carbon, the time will come when people will
> > look back on the carbon phobia of the early 21st century as too incredible
> > to be believed
> James, I think you're more religious than I am. But would you say
> that from a traditional religious perspective,
> the great Deluge that Noah and his family supposedly survived in the
> Ark wasn't really important -- "since we are all made of water," as
> well as all being made of carbon?
> And so, since "we're all made of water," it wouldn't matter how much
> rain God caused to fall upon the
> earth in Noah's day? Because water inherently is "good"?
> This is the argument you're putting forward about "carbon phobia," and
> it's foolish.
> What the people who are worried about global climate change are
> opposed to, is not "carbon" or "carbon dioxide" per se. It's
> What the AGW researchers are promoting is not "carbon phobia," but an
> appreciation for NATURAL PROPORTIONs.
> Even Aristotle, who's cited favorably in your other propaganda
> article, basically understood this, James.
> Aristotle in writing about "virtue" defined it as "the golden mean,"
> the perfect proportion. Not the extreme of "too little" or "too
> much."
> So we all need carbon, we're all made of carbon -- but we can have too
> much carbon.
> Of course, we all need trace amounts of copper and selenium in our
> diets, too, and from ancient times we've all understand the
> importance of salt. But too much copper in your diet is poisonous; too
> much selenium disorders the nervous system -- it's the selenium in the
> plant that causes cows to go crazy from eating "loco weed." And too
> much salt in your system will give you high blood pressure and bring
> on a heart attack.
> PROPORTION is what we're talking about here, James. Not too much
> carbon dioxide in the air, not too little carbon dioxide in the air,
> but "enough."
> ----------------------------------
> "Straight is the gate, and narrow is the way, that leads to
> salvation, and few are they who
> follow it." -- Jesus of Nazareth
> "But woe to you, Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you have
> eyes, but do not see, and ears, but do not year, and neither do you
> understand." - Jesus of Nazareth

And can anyone who claims that Jesus rose from the dead, really chide
anyone for their failure to offer rigorous proof of anthropogenic
CO2's role in global warming? (even assuming, purely hypothetically,
that there were some room to doubt the causal chain)





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