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Re: Global warming's grim effect on U.S., Canada
Newsgroup: sci.environment
Posted by: Big Glob
2007-04-18 04:36:37

On 17 Apr 2007 john fernbach wrote:

>Roger - This is really pretty alarming, especially given the large
>sections of the US -- notably including southern California, northern
>Florida, and much of the American Southwest -- that already are
>suffering from serious droughts today.

Absolutely, what could possibly cause the Mojave
Desert to be DRY ? Why do they call the stream
basins " D R Y W A S H E S " ?

And right in the middle of the deserts, Mount Wilson
and Mount San Antonio, do they still have snow caps most
of the year?

>Your article indicates that the is the IPCC predicting increased
>problems with droughts and heat waves in these parts of the US. But
>does the article say how much bigger the problem is likely to get?

Why sure, precise rain gauge and temperature and
humidity data, for the next 100 years.

>To be fair to the GW Denialists and GW Contrarians, however, I think
>we shouldn't only look at this highly pessimistic scenario for what
>AGW shouild mean for this country. We ought to acknowledge that not
>all of the expected effects of global climate change in the US are
>expected to be negative.

Oh, don't say that, everything about climate from
now on is negative, the aggressive politicos will make
sure of that.

>For example -- look at this news item from NOAA, just released today
>(April 17), which cites research to the effect that climate change
>could increase the wind shear factor enough to reduce the intensity of
>hurricanes in the North Atlantic and Eastern Pacific regions.

I have to get out of here, you are actually starting
to sound human, are you really deviating from the scripted
politics, or is this just a subterfuge or diversion?




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