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Re: How important is HDCP in a monitor?
Newsgroup: uk.media.dvd
Posted by: ThePunisher
2007-03-02 00:11:20

kim wrote:
> "Mads Munch" wrote in message
> news:1172501900.188631.255690@k78g2000cwa.googlegroups.com...
>> On Feb 23, 4:19 pm, "Mads Munch" wrote:
>>> I'm sorry if this is an off-topic post but here goes...
>>> I have found my dream monitor, it's the SyncMaster 215TW from
>>> Samsung. There is just ONE little snag, it does not have HDCP (all
>>> the reviews I have found on the net says it does have it, but
>>> Samsung says no). So my question is, how important is it? Since I
>>> hear that BluRay/HD-DVD drives for PC's are just around the corner,
>>> I would like to take advantage of that, and use my brand new
>>> monitor to view (protected) HD content. Does it need it when it is
>>> connected to the computer? Or is it only necessary when it's
>>> connected directly to an HD output? Any help would be apperciated :)
>>> -- Mads
>> It seems that the tech support person I talked with the first time
>> was incorrect, the monitor does support HDCP, so no worries after
>> all.. :)
> Don't bet on it. You need a newly-announced graphics chipset to view
> HDCP with Vista.
> http://www.slyck.com/story1421.html
> (kim)

Of course you'll have to find something with HDCP on it in the first place.

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