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Re: Sopranos - final batch?
Newsgroup: uk.media.dvd
Posted by: Resident Drunk
2007-03-02 08:58:03

Angus Manwaring wrote:
> On 01-Mar-07 14:32:18, Gunther Gloop said
>> "Resident Drunk" wrote in message
>> news:54o4k1F20vd4qU1@mid.individual.net...
>>> Gunther Gloop wrote:
>>>> "Bulla" wrote in message
>>>> news:7vGdnRhRLICKCnvYnZ2dnUVZ8vydnZ2d@giganews.com...
>>>> Well I don't think it has started airing in the States yet. (?).
>>>> But, usually RTE (in Ireland) begin showing it a couple of weeks into the
>>>> first broadcast in the US. I think that run usually finishes before
>>>> Channel 4 begin airing.
>>>> ....I don't mean they are linked in any way, but that has been the state
>>>> of play for the last 2 or 3 series at least. RTE hasn't started showing
>>>> it yet -nor have I heard them announce it.
>>> Kevin,
>>> For goodness sake never attempt to explain anything complicated to anyone.
>> Ok Resident Drunk.
>> /Hangs head in shame and walks away.
> Erm.... I was quite clear on Kevin's meaning, thanks (to all) by the way.

I had to send it to a coding team in Mombasa to decipher and they have
quoted 3 weeks.




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