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Re: Interesting comment on HD quality...
Newsgroup: uk.media.dvd
Posted by: Roberto Pirezzi
2007-03-02 14:01:23

"ThePunisher" wrote in message
> kim wrote:
>> http://forum.videohelp.com/viewtopic.php?t=323203
>> " They are not trying very hard to make HI-DEF on Blu-Ray/HD-DVD look
>> better than DVD. I watched several HD-DVD movies this weekend at a
>> friends house on a 56" JVC D-ILA screen. Waterworld and a few other
>> HD-DVD's looked like crap. The studios did not clean up the films.
>> There were scratches, spots, hair, and dust on the transfer. This is
>> a shoddy job and personally I will NEVER pay for a movie that looks
>> like that! I've had enough of poor quality DVD transfers.
>> I knew it would eventually happen to these hi-def transfers of older
>> films. The studios are rushing them to market and not spending time
>> to get a clean transfer. Sure, it looks hi-resolution, but with all
>> the scratches spots, it makes it look like crap. If us amateurs can
>> use software tools to take away spots, Hollywood should be able to
>> also. "
> Nobody said that HD films have to be remastered first.

Isn't that kinda the whole point of having a new generation of visual
viewing though?

To take everything to the next level?

It's all fine and dandy to say its hi-res, but if the actual transfer has
the blemishes and general "oldness" effect of past formats, it's kinda like
eating TV Dinner style with Royal Daulton. The "use" doesn't justify the


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