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Re: Nice oyster scam
Newsgroup: uk.transport.london
Posted by: Thunderbug
2008-06-17 03:23:31

asdf wrote:
> According to a London Lite article I posted about here around 6 months
> ago, the charges for touching in then out at the same station are:
> - Within 15 minutes: no charge
> - Over 15 minutes apart: 8
> I've never tried it, though.

I have: the charge is 1.50.

I was amongst those evacuated from Kings Cross on the 'booze cruise'
night before the alcohol ban came in, so entered and left the same
station after about 20 minutes without being able to catch a train.

I suspect TfL took a tidy sum that night. Had I not tapped out (all
gates were open and staff directed passengers through the
pushchair/wheelchair gates), no doubt it would've been 4 instead.




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