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Greenwich Waterfront Transit - campaign against
Newsgroup: uk.transport.london
Posted by: Bearded
2008-06-17 05:47:17

Greetings from West Thamesmead.

Which if the Evening Standard gets its way will fade into isolation as
a hamlet, disconnected from the rest of London.

For those whose geography is a bit rusty, we're about 1.5miles
downstream from the Woolwich Ferry, facing the the bend in the river.
[Nearest landmark, Belmarsh prison - we're between that and the river]

A lot of people living here commute into Central London or Canary Wharf
- and many of us want to use the JLE from N Greenwich. Sadly, that
involves a local bus [244 or 380], then change to a high frequency
service such as 422 or 472 either at Plumstead Garage or Woolwich town

All these routes are packed in the rush hour, including lots of mums
with buggies who frequently ignore driver requests to fold - and trust
me, 3 or 4 buggies on a bus which is already at capacity ain't pretty.
Sometimes changing to the 422/472 means letting 2 or 3 full buses pass
before you can board.

The answer to our prayers is the Greenwich Waterfront Transit - with
dedicated busways or bus lanes linking N Greenwich / Charlton /
Woolwich / West Thamesmead and Thamesmead.

However Andrew Gilligan of the Evening Standard has decided that it is
too expensive and "a vanity project" for TfL. See


Yes, maybe there are savings to be found - but the bottom line is: We
need a better link to London now! What can we do to counter the Gillgan





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