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Re: Moir Lockhead, Routemasters and the bendy bus
Newsgroup: uk.transport.london
Posted by: Stephen Allcroft
2008-06-17 09:59:31

On 6 Jun, 20:19, Mark B wrote:
> Stephen Allcroft wrote:
> >> And the Volvo B9 now too.
> >> =A0From what I understand while the Enviro200 and 400s are marketed as
> >> Integrals the underpinning Dart/Trident chassis is built at Guildford
> >> and then taken to Falkirk for bodying- Hide quoted text -
> >> - Show quoted text -
> > That was pretty much AIUI too except that no one else has bodied the
> > Enviro 400 or 500 underframes.
> > The previous posters "Slight Update" =A0Much longer front overhang
> > trapezoid fuel tank new electrics Cuymmins ISB rather than C series...
> East Lancs/Darwen are doing a batch on the E400Trident for HCT

The first not bodied by ADL, so I was right until these are done.




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