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Re: Moir Lockhead, Routemasters and the bendy bus
Newsgroup: uk.transport.london
Posted by: Steve Fitzgerald
2008-06-17 10:59:08

In message
Stephen Allcroft writes

>> > That was pretty much AIUI too except that no one else has bodied the
>> > Enviro 400 or 500 underframes.
>> > The previous posters "Slight Update"  Much longer front overhang
>> > trapezoid fuel tank new electrics Cuymmins ISB rather than C series...
>> East Lancs/Darwen are doing a batch on the E400Trident for HCT
>The first not bodied by ADL, so I was right until these are done.

ADL don't think they're any different from earlier Trident chassis as
they have allocated them the same chassis number series.

Manufacturers frequently do updates to their chassis - I hardly think
that a change in the shape of fuel tank or a change in the chassis
length/overhang is a radical change, the Trident always had a choice of
lengths anyway - and as for engines, the buyer can specify from a choice
of engines so that hardly makes it special.

The bottom line is that the Trident is still a Trident whatever the
marketing people try to say it is. E400 is just an ADL body style.
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