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Re: How much was a ticket for the underground in the 60s?
Newsgroup: uk.transport.london
Posted by: Stephen Allcroft
2008-06-17 11:23:28

On 14 Jun, 21:08, wrote:
> "sweller" wrote in message
> news:xn0frfi8atk76a000@news.individual.net...> wrote:
> >> The Channel Islands still have one-pound notes in regular circulation,
> >> incidentally. I refer to both Guernsey and Jersey.
> > So does the Isle of Man - I got a couple in change when I was there for
> > the TT this year.
> Really? I was under the impression that they had been completely replaced
> with pound coins, because I never saw or received any in change when I
> visited.
> What about other dependencies or colonies that have their currency pegged to
> the pound sterling?

Neither dependent nor colonised but we in Scotland still have pound
notes (issued by private banks).




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