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Re: Moir Lockhead, Routemasters and the bendy bus
Newsgroup: uk.transport.london
Posted by: Stephen Allcroft
2008-06-17 11:56:33

On 17 Jun, 11:59, Steve Fitzgerald wrote:
> >> East Lancs/Darwen are doing a batch on the E400Trident for HCT
> >The first not bodied by ADL, so I was right until these are done.
> ADL don't think they're any different from earlier Trident chassis as
> they have allocated them the same chassis number series.

Leyland at one (or more) stage(s) numbered all its commercials and
PSVs together; Daimler did till BLMC shut it, now does that make a
CVG6 a Roadliner and a Fleetline Identical?

> Manufacturers frequently do updates to their chassis - I hardly think
> that a change in the shape of fuel tank or a change in the chassis
> length/overhang is a radical change,

Not even when these were combined to increase lower deck seating
capacity, combining seats ahead of the front wheelarch, more seats on
the lower deck and on an underframe available until recently only
with a Falkirk built body for which it was designed.

>the Trident always had a choice of
> lengths anyway -.

Lengths is not the point re-engineered front and rear modules is the
point. WB is a function of a relatively simple central frame module.
Look, the amount of changes between a Guy Arab Mk2 and Mk3 were an
awful lot less than between this current ADL underframe and the
previous marque of Trident.

> and as for engines, the buyer can specify from a choice
> of engines so that hardly makes it special

No ADL only offer a 6litre cummins adblue engine, before they offered
an 8 litre cummins euro 3 in the previous 2 axle Trident. They do not
and did not give the operator any choice as to the make of the power
unit or its capacity.

The days where you could (Metrobus, Olympian Dominator) as a purchaser
specify whatever power unit you wished have long gone.

> The bottom line is that the Trident is still a Trident whatever the
> marketing people try to say it is. =A0E400 is just an ADL body style.

ADL have whatever you may think of them decided to call the underframe
the same as the body I have no brief for ADL but until the Hackney
buses appear all of this design of vehicle had the adl body for which
they were built.




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