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Re: Nice oyster scam
Newsgroup: uk.transport.london
Posted by: Walter Briscoe
2008-06-17 12:06:47

In message <31303030373639354857A1DF89@zetnet.co.uk> of Tue, 17 Jun 2008
11:37:03 in uk.transport.london, Helen Deborah Vecht
>Thunderbug typed
>> asdf wrote:
>> > According to a London Lite article I posted about here around 6 months
>> > ago, the charges for touching in then out at the same station are:
>> >
>> > - Within 15 minutes: no charge
>> > - Over 15 minutes apart: 8
>> >
>> > I've never tried it, though.
>> I have: the charge is 1.50.
>> I was amongst those evacuated from Kings Cross on the 'booze cruise'
>> night before the alcohol ban came in, so entered and left the same
>> station after about 20 minutes without being able to catch a train.
>> I suspect TfL took a tidy sum that night. Had I not tapped out (all
>> gates were open and staff directed passengers through the
>> pushchair/wheelchair gates), no doubt it would've been 4 instead.
>Journey History records 4 minutes (much less than 15) for my partner's
>entry to Paddington and he still paid 1.50.
>Not really worth phoning the helpline though.

I believe the logic is: up to 15 minutes - an in-zone fare; more than 15
- the charges for an unfinished journey and an unstarted journey. I am
unsure about the boundary condition. I have not got very far trying to
persuade TfL that this behaviour needs to be documented.
Walter Briscoe




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